A little piece of me

I’m a writer, who’s bent on publishing her work so that she can say she did something she wanted to. I’m also in college working for my degree in education, (k-8th), working a part time job, while also staying on task with volunteering at elementary schools until I’m able to actually teach there. Really is funny though, how our society is defined by a piece of paper smudged between glass and wood.

There’s nothing too special about this blog, only that I’ve never really done something like this before, so it’ll be an experience for me – and possibly those reading it. I want to relay my work though, what it’s like to be writer who lives between two worlds and must constantly travel between them. It’s a daily choice, live in my mind, or in reality – and there are countless wars fought during my dreams in which side will win.d

Here, I will put updates on my writing. More or less it’s for me, so I have somewhere I’m accountable to, and hopefully a few curious minds. I’ll post pictures of what inspires me, thoughts that I’ve had of different ideas, and some prompts I like that hopefully will inspire other wandering minds. This site won’t be anything glorious, nothing at all like what people work for, in details of money or a huge following. I want a place where I can spill my thoughts, whether anyone listens or not, so I can feel like I’m accomplishing my work of written art, and one day, really finish it, and let it out into the world.