Beginnings End

I part of me wonders how time can fly by this fast, then I remember that I’m an adult. It’s already the end of January and I don’t know how I feel about jumping into February. In just a couple months my birthday will be popping up and I’ll be one year older. Happy New Year to me!

But, as this year flies on, I am excited to continue editing my book. I have finished chapter one completely and am confident that’s where I want to start. But again, being a writer is such a continuously changing job, who can ever say anything stays the same? I’m started on chapter four, skipping two and three – whoops. I got so overzealous with writing one of my favorite characters, that I completely skimmed over my main character. But, in my defense, Hal is so much fun to write. His ways are almost too good for this world – in a, you really shouldn’t be doing that kind of way.

He is, by no means, an innocent character. Or perfect in every way he can do no wrong. If anyone even asked me that, I’d straight on laugh. No, Hal is not an innocent character. But he’s naive in many ways and has a lot to learn – especially because he only knows earth through a looking glass. Who knew that earthen 80’s movies aren’t really documentaries?

The perfectionist part of me, says I need to stay on task and finish up chapters two and three before I begin four, but the creative side says I simply can’t wait. Even if I have jumped off this creative cliff far too soon, before I crash, I will enjoy the ride!

But truly, I have enjoyed the process, as slow going as it is. In honestly, I thought that I would have been halfway done with revisions by now. But, here I am, with one full chapter and half of another further chapter finished. However I’m doing it, I’m proud that I am doing it. People say that ‘oh, you love writing, it must be easy for you’. Well, some people love quantum physics, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy for them. It’s a process, a long hard and butt numbing process. But it’s also a beautiful, funny, and exciting process. Because creating a world is hard, it’s aggravating, it’s calming, it’s tearful, and it’s absolutely worth every single hair pull in the end.

Here’s to another month of procrastination – I mean extremely hard work!


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