Finish Line

NaNoWriMo is almost finished for everyone running the race of 50,00 words, and what a journey it has been. I was lucky this year and was able to get started early and finish early with 62,521 words toward my novel. I was shooting for 50 chapters, but at number 31, my novel started to veer itself toward the end. It felt satisfying to finish, now having two unfinished novels in my grip is almost odd. I’m ready to revise, despite all people saying that I should put it away for a few months. And honestly I should, but a part of me knows that this rough draft is far from the actual story.

During writing, I came up with so many ideas and my novel started to route itself into so many different direction that it ended with one massive plot hole. It’s looks like a bad road that hasn’t been fixed since its creation. But, I feel good with it. I know its good, because its my baby, and to me, I love it. To others, they’d probably set it down in one sentence – but isn’t that all rough drafts?

As of right now, I’m taking out the parts I liked and making something from them. There are new characters I introduced without warning, and old characters that need some major attitude revisions. There are settings I have conjured up but never added, and other settings that I don’t know where they came from but will gladly put them back. And my plot is quite the humor – as the title of the book states something hugely important to the overall plot, and yet it’s only mentioned in the first few chapters and then – whoosh – gone like it never existed.

Some days I feel that my minds like a trap maze, once I get into it, there’s no logical way out and I start finding myself digging my own pathways. It makes for an interesting adventure, but one that makes absolutely no sense. Now is my time though, so sit down and make sense of it – for everyone who might read and even for myself.

What I do know, is I have characters, settings, and a plot to move with, and that’s all I need. I haven’t quite learned how to fly yet, but I guess you could say I’m taking another leap off the cliff of inspiration.


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