Finding solace in sickness

When I’m sick, the creativity flows out of me like black sludge through a colander. Honestly, as much as I love writing, I can’t stand it when I don’t feel good. Headaches are my number one reason – which come with the cold I developed a couple days ago. It’s like, I can’t think at all. But also, because I’m sick, it’s a Sunday for me, and I have no work, I have nothing to do but lay around and hope to get better. I would get up and move around, but my head feels even worse and my nose drains rapidly – ew, ya, but colds do that.

So, I’ve learned a little trick. Don’t write long, over expansive chapters, stories, or even poems. Write blurbs, little experts, something small that you can write without your head pounding and without having to be all too creative. If not that, read something that will further your plot development, or watch something that’s inspiring.

Like today, I watched a biography on a woman who had a severe cancer in her face. I literally took over her whole entire face, eating up her bone and everything. It was by far, one of the coolest things I’ve watched. I felt sorely bad for the woman, having to live through that, but how the doctors fixed it, their determination and will to work hours on end to give her both her face and her life back – ya, I got a little inspired. It’s no Netflix, called ‘The Woman with No Face’. Of course, if you don’t like bloody stuff, surgical things, or plain medical gore, I would suggest not watching it, because it’s pretty heavy in that area.

Anyways, doing small things in areas that are exciting when I’m sick, always get the creative juices flowing. I still don’t write much when it comes to my novel, but I learn that with my sick time, I can develop the plot, characters, and even settings better, without all the distractions of everything else about my novel floating throughout my head. Small things become easier, because distraction is minimal.

So, even as I curse my sore throat and wish it gone, I’ll take this time to do something I otherwise wouldn’t even think about.


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