Going on


When it comes to satisfying things, I think this has to top it all. I’ve always been one to get an idea stuck inside my head, start on it, and end on chapter five. This story, I’ve been doing so much more with. I’ve become more organized, I’ve developed so much of my characters, leaving room for them to grow throughout the novel. I’ve reached chapters I’ve never thought possible for my attention span. To say the least, I’m pretty proud of myself.

I’ve always lived a life of starting projects and then abandoning them when I don’t feel the inspiration pouring in anymore. Over time I’ve learned that sometimes, the inspiration won’t come to you, and in those times YOU have to find it. As annoying and time consuming as that can be, it’s life, and if we don’t live it properly, we’re doomed to repeat ourselves.

It so exciting to finally do something and stick with it. The novel I’m working on is going to be around 40-50 chapters – that’s my hopes at least. So, in essence, I’m almost halfway there. I’ve had such a fun time on this journey, enough that I don’t want it to end. Of course, after the rough draft, there’s going to be the whole process of revision, and that’s another task I’ll have to jump over. But of course, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Thinking about things that have yet to happen, is the worst stress for the human mind, yet it’s the first think we think about before we fall asleep, and the moment we wake.

To say the least, controlling my mind is a hassle some days. But writing this book, actually getting somewhere I never in a million years thought I’d be, it’s given me grace. I’ve learned I can get there, I can persevere. I’ve been more inspired, excited, ready for the journey ahead. I’ve even begun to look into Literary Agents.

Soon, I know, but some day I hope to be there. . . Sitting next to someone as we make the final deal for my book to be put out on shelves everywhere. It’s a big dream, something I haven’t worked hard enough for at times, but there’s a time to sleep, and a time to wake up. In another sense, there’s a time to lay around and do nothing about your dreams, or a time to get up and finally do what your heart’s been yearning for.

I’ve loved this journey so far, and this blog is nothing short of a personal diary for it. People may look at me with oddness in their eyes, but I’ve fallen through on so many things and it’s time for me to wake up. Nothing’s ever going to get done if I stay down my whole entire life. I’ve had enough of a life I’m scared to go on adventures in! Life’s so much more than fear, it’s lessons, obstacles to overcome, details that define me, and it’s amazing.

People say to stop and smell the roses. . . But when you do, don’t forget to get back up again.


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