So Really. . .

There’s an important question that needs to be asked. What is this blog really about? If you read my ‘About’ blurb, you’d know that it’s about my journey in my writing. I can’t call it a career, yet, but someday I hope to be bumped up to that status. This blog is my way of keeping myself on track, and inspired to keep writing.

This blog is me. And I must admit, during the entry survey, I lied. When asked between if this was about ‘nonfiction/memoir’, and ‘Fiction’, I picked the latter. Of course, this is sort of like my memoir, but it’s also about my novel, which is a work of fiction. Sadly enough, I couldn’t conjoin the two, so I went with what I wanted this blog to be about.

This blog is about strength as well. I have a fear, as every writer usually does, that when I put my work out there, someones bound to steal it. That’s not saying it’s that good, but there are people out there who decide that if it’s a good idea, they’ll take it for their own. I have a fear, that my hard work and determination through blood, sweat, and tears, will become someone else’s publication.

I’m writing here, to tell myself, that fear is something I must live through. So what that can happen, I know that my work is original, I also know that I’ve saved pretty much every increment that went into making it. So if someone stole it, I had every right and ability to stand up and say it’s not really theirs.

Here’s another question about my blog. Am I writing for anybody?

Eh, not really. . . I’m writing for myself, with the exception that people might listen. Of course I would like someone to read my writings, but I didn’t create this blog with the sole purpose of becoming blog famous among the internet. I wanted a sanctuary where I could put my thoughts out, where I could think out loud with my fingers, and where I could put it, so that my thoughts are reality and not just another fleeting moment of my life.

So really, what’s this blog about?

It’s about a journey that began four years ago, and one that hopefully will never end. I’ve been on a  lot of paths since I began writing, and this blog is about one particular path with a book I’ve loved more than anything else in this world. Well, I am a Christian, so in my life, God comes first above all things. But, when it comes to earthly things, ya, writing is pretty high up there.

So if anyone’s willing to take this journey with me, I’ll be more than willing to spill out words. Some days what I say might be overkill, but what’s life supposed to be if you sit around and speak one or two words all day? Life’s an experience, and I want to live through it all. Although, other days may be slow, because as a human, there can be only so much I can do.

Now that I’ve exhibited overkill, let’s have an adventure.



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